NEW: VSH XPress FullFlow ball valve


VSH expands her range with the VSH XPress FullFlow ball valve, equipped with M-profile press connection. This ball valve fits seamlessly on the existing VSH XPress piping system and is available in galvanized steel and stainless steel.
The valve construction ensures 100% full flow and at the same time the slim design ensures optimum insulation to an extent never seen before.
A variety of connections make it easy to choose the proper solution in any given installation process. The valve is available with both short and long stem. The long stem is an integrated part of the valve, which makes it possible to seal the insulation correctly to the stem.
The new unique handle has been specially developed with focus on easy operation. The handle is made of fibre glass reinforced nylon, ensuring minimum energy waste to the environment and maintaining its strength with an embedded metal reinforcement. With changeable clips on the handle it is furthermore possible to mark e.g. cold or hot water.

The power of the FullFlow ball valve:
available in galvanized and stainless steel
dimensions DN10 - DN50 (15 - 54 mm)
suitable for water, heating, cooling and compressed air systems
100% full flow  
press connection with on the other side: press, female thread or swivel connection
choice between short and long stem
simple, fast connection technology
option of a 10 year system guarantee
one system – one material
 possibility of extra marking via clips on the handle for warm/cold water
 the long stem enables correct sealing
 slim design ensures optimum insulation and compact installation-design
 leak before pressed function: unpressed connections leak water during pressure test  

Each individual valve has a laser marking with relevant information on the spindle. In addition, the FullFlow ball valves have full quality assurance, because each valve is:
- tested
- laser marked
- equipped with LBP O-rings


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