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Water tap sprinkler wins Innovation award Fire Protection 2015

The Innovation award Fire Protection 2015 went to the water tap sprinkler, developed by BAM Technology, TU Delft, Fire Brigade Netherlands and VSH. The jury reviewed the nominees on the aspects of innovation, integrated fire safety and usability.

"The product is unique in its kind in the Dutch market, is broadly applicable, affordable and creates an increase in safety. This development is a big step forward," sets the jury.
The water tap sprinkler is installed throughout the house in the pipes below or in the ceiling and is connected to the water network. Because of this, expensive pumps are not required. When a fire starts, the glass bulb will break and spread water over the fire source. The fire can’t expand quickly, making the flight time extended.
According to the jury report the water tap sprinkler offers a concrete solution for a much discussed  issue and provides extra protection for, for example, elderly who remain living independently for longer.
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