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Training to become recognized water tap sprinkler installer

In collaboration with BAM Technology, TU Delft and Fire Brigade Netherlands VSH has developed a water tap sprinkler  that is  price perspective interesting, easy to install and above all provides a reliable solution.

This year you can follow training at VSH, in the Netherlands, and become a recognized water tap sprinkler installer.

VSH offers a complete range of fittings and pipes for aqueduct sprinkler,  XPress stainless steel piping system for the standard 'view work’  and XPress Sprinkler ML for collapse in concrete.
Both systems have passed all the necessary fire tests successfully.

Exclusive training
This year VSH allows installers to be trained in all the ins and outs relating to the water tap sprinkler, such as design, installation, use and maintenance.
After the training, all participants submit an exam. If the exam has been successfully completed students may call themselves recognized water tap sprinkler installer.

For 2015, the following dates are scheduled:

- Wednesday, March 4th
- Tuesday, April 21th  
- Wednesday, June 17th
- Wednesday, September 16th
- Wednesday, November 18th

Are you interested in the course water tap sprinkler? Please contact our customer service department (+31 (0)35 - 6884 330 or
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