The plus of VSH

You find the solutions of VSH in the domestic and commercial building market, fire protection, shipbuilding and industry. With a large variety of systems and solutions in the market, VSH offers actual choice. But VSH does even more.
Easy installation, security and top quality are our primary focus at VSH. We produce complete product ranges using top-rank production processes and fulfil the most stringent requirements. Our products have all major national and international quality and approvals.
In everything we do, we aim for an optimal match with your working methods.
Never come up short
Our products are always available no matter where you are, thanks to our international distribution network.
Make the right choice
We give you clear and complete product information and handy online selection tools to help you find the best solution for your application.
Top-notch support
Our experienced Customer Service staff can answer all your questions and give you rliable advice. You can be assured of having acces to the specific knowledge and excellent support, no matter where or when you need it.
Lead the way
We offer a broad range of training courses so you can always use our latest solutions correctly in practice.

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