Expert in various markets

You find the solutions of Aalberts integrated piping systems in the domestic and commercial building market, fire protection, shipbuilding and industry. With a large variety of systems and solutions in the market, Aalberts integrated piping systems offers actual choice.
The specialist teams of Aalberts integrated piping systems ensure that you can access at any time of the day to up-to-date knowledge and support. 
Building technology You can always count on us for the best solution for water, gas, heating and fire protection systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
Fire protection Aalberts integrated piping systems gives you an unprecedented range of options for fire protection. Everything from regular sprinkler systems, embedded piping and fire hose reels to special high pressure applications up to 1,200 bar.
Industry When you choose system of us, you are choosing a piping system that is simply excellent for various industrial applications, whether new build, refit or repair.

With systems as VSH XPress and VSH SudoPress it's possible to build extreme compact installations. Ideal for systems in the shipbuilding industry.

The slender design of the fittings, the short radius bend and wide range of available reduction pieces allow the most complex and compact installations.