XPress HP-system

With the VSH XPress HP system, you can create perfect connections for all your industrial piping without welding or using cutting ring fittings or flanges. The patented, high-quality VSH XPress HP fittings are equipped with a 100%-secure, stable, metal-on-metal seal, and have a unique wedge-shaped design.

Simplicity and reliability means extensive training is not required: you can start working with VSH XPress HP straight away, low costs guaranteed.
Quick, safe, simply brilliant
Industrial piping systems have to stand up to high demands. VSH XPress HP is a high-quality, high-end system which is unparalleled when it comes to installation speed, safety, reliability, durability, hygiene and cost efficiency.
The metal-on-metal sealing offers you a simple alternative to welding, and guarantees reliable piping systems for liquids and gas at high temperatures and pressures. This unique system easily complies with all international quality and safety requirements.
Time savings
One of the main benefits of the VSH XPress HP system is its rapid installation time. With VSH XPress HP, installation can be completed up to ten times more quickly than when welding. Our piping system guarantees quick and efficient connection without the need for an open flame. This ensures maximum safety.

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