The high-quality VSH XPress HP fittings are equipped with a 100%-secure, stable, metal-on-metal seal, and have a unique wedge-shaped design. The VSH XPress HP piping system consists of fittings and press tools and can be installed in a quick, simple, safe and clean way for various solutions such as industry, shipbuilding and fire protection.

De PLUS of VSH XPress HP

Simple, fast connection technology
Lower total installation cost
Clean, fast en safe alternative to welding
Available in both inches and metric





Technical specifications

Materials stainless steel / galvanized steel
O-rings no - metal on metal closing
Dimensions 12-54 mm and 1/4"-2"
Temperture range -55°C up to and including 400°C
Max. operational pressure  560 bar (the tube is the limiting factor)


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