VSH Tectite

Tectite is a high quality range of copper, stainless steel and brass push fittings (push-fit). The Tectite insertion fitting allows you to quickly attach piping systems without tools. After assembly the fitting is permanently rotatable in the tube. This makes it possible to easily align a pipe at branches and curves. Tectite provides the desired flexibility in a rigid pipe system and is ideal for use in areas which are difficult accessible with tools.

The advantages of VSH Tectite

  • Perfect installation in small and hard-to-reach areas
  • Fast installation without the need for tools
  • Installation in combination with VSH XPress or VSH SudoPress possible
  • Entirely tension-free installation: pipes can be fully positioned after installation
  • Fittings available as demountable and non-demountable




Technical specifications

Materials Copper, stainless steel and brass
O-rings EPDM
Dimensions 12 to 54 mm
Temperature range -24°C to +114°C
Maximum operational pressure  16 bar