SudoPress tools & accessories

The SudoPress-press tools are an important part of the SudoPress system. The SudoPress tools are suitable for pressing of the complete range of SudoPress Carbon, Stainless and Copper and provide a reliable connection for the sizes 12 to 108 mm (DN10 / DN100).
Press profiles
SudoPress fittings in sizes 12-54 mm are equipped with V-profile press connections. These should therefore be pressed with V-profile jaws and slings. In the larger sizes (from 66.7 to 108 mm) the M-profile is used. For the pressing of these fittings slings with M-profile are required.

SudoPress fittings can be pressed using suitable press tools from our product range or tools that are approved by VSH. See selection tool below.
The SudoPress tools are available in mains- or battery power supply. The Lithium-Ion batteries used have a long life, high capacity and load quickly, allowing many, fast and reliable pressings.
The "Comfort" versions of the SudoPress tools are equipped with diagnostic functions using LED indication and have automatic press cycles. The design of these machines is both handy (low weight) and robust and sturdy, so they can be easily used on site.
The SudoPress press tools are used in combination with SudoPress jaws and slings. The jaws are available in the sizes 12 to 54 mm, the slings in the sizes 35 to 108 mm. The SudoPress slings are of the type "Snap-On" and are therefore easy to use during installation.

When using slings, there must always be taken into account the use of an adapter between press machine and sling. This adapter can be supplied separately or can be an integral part of the machine (as for example in the ACO401).





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