SudoPress Stainless

SudoPress Stainless is a complete range available in sizes 15 to 108 mm with a wide variety of fittings and pipes. The main applications for SudoPress Stainless are sanitary applications. The large number of drinking water approvals endorses the high quality of SudoPress Stainless.
SudoPress Stainless fittings
The fittings are made of material 1.4404 and are equipped with "Leak Before Pressed" (LBP) function. SudoPress Stainless fittings in sizes 15 to 54 mm are fitted with an EPDM "Leak Before Pressed" (LBP) O-ring and Visu-Control®. Fittings from 76.1 to 108 mm are also designed with LBP functionality. The green color of the Visu-Control® ring makes the fitting optimally recognizable.
SudoXPress Stainless pipe
SudoXPress Stainless pipes are thin-walled precision steel pipes. The pipe surfaces are both internally and externally blank and not discolored and manufacturing residue, which otherwise could cause corrosion, is carefully removed. The pipes are optimally packaged for efficient distribution. Both pipe ends are capped with colored caps so that no dirt can occur in the pipes during transportation or storage.

The SudoXPress Stainless pipes are available in different qualities, namely 1.4401 (AISI 316), 1.4521 (AISI 444) and 1.4520 (AISI 439).
The SudoXPress Stainless pipe 1.4401 for drinking water has been tested and approved by many international certification bodies, including DVGW (worksheet GW 541). SudoXPress Stainless pipes are also approved for use in gas installations inside buildings (HTC, more than 30 minutes at 650°C and PN5 guaranteed leakproof) and (without HTC) outside buildings as above-ground pipe (not covered or in the ground).
The SudoXPress Stainless pipe 1.4521 has also been tested and approved for drinking water installations according to DVGW GW 541, ETA, ÖVGW and SVGW and is a less expensive alternative compared to 1.4401.
The SudoXPress Stainless pipe 1.4520 is an alternative to AISI 304 stainless steel pipes and is nickel free, making it an economical alternative for applications other than drinking water. This quality has been tested and approved by FM, UL, ULc and LPCB for use in fixed sprinkler systems.

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