SudoPress Copper Solar

SudoPress Copper Solar fittings are designed for use in, among others, solar installations and are suitable for the vast majority of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol heat-transfer fluids in concentrations of up to 40%. Because the fittings are equipped with the green FPM O-rings, SudoPress Copper Solar is also suitable for industrial applications such as compressed air with a high oil content.
SudoPress Copper Solar fittings
SudoPress Copper Solar fittings are available in sizes 12 to 54 mm and each fitting is equipped with a white Visu-Control® ring. Thus, it remains clear that the appropriate fittings with the appropriate O-rings are being used for the installation concerned.

SudoPress Copper Solar fittings are made of copper and copper alloys, with green FPM O-rings and are designed with the unique "Leak Before Pressed" (LBP) principle.

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