SudoPress Copper Gas

SudoPress Copper Gas offers a full range of fittings from 15 to 54 mm. SudoPress Copper Gas can be used both inside and outside buildings for 2nd and 3rd family gasses.
SudoPress Copper Gas fittings
SudoPress Copper Gas fittings are marked with a permanent, highly visible, yellow mark mentioning 'gas'. All fittings are tested in a high temperature leakage test (HTC) at 650°C for 30 minutes. This must be a great comfort and gives confidence that installations SudoPress Copper Gas are designed durable and for lifetime use.

In 2015, besides the already available Visu-Control® ring, also the "Leak Before Pressed" (LBP) function will be added to the SudoPress Gas fittings. The yellow color of the Visu-Control® ring makes the fitting optimally recognizable.

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