A complete piping system with double safety

A complete piping system with double safety
SudoPress is a complete piping system that is suitable for diverse applications, from drinking water, gas, heating and solar systems to cooling water and compressed air systems. The program consists of SudoPress press fittings with V-profile, pipes and press tools and is available in the materials Carbon, Stainless and Copper. Ease of installation and double safety are paramount.

Double leak detection, double safety
The Leak-Before-Pressed function can immediately recognize non-pressed fittings. Thanks to the special O-ring in non-pressed fittings water drops from the fitting during pressurizing the system. An additional check that enables you to prevent further damages and always gives a hundred percent leak-proof system.

Visu-Control® is an extra safety on SudoPress fittings that besides the Leak Before Pressed function provides a visual and tactile inspection. After the pressing Visu-Control®-ring is easily taken off fitting so afterwards you can see at a glance that the fitting is pressed.

Also you won’t need to mark pressed connections afterwards. The Visu-Control® ring at the same time also ensures optimal product recognition because the different materials have different color rings. Visu-Control® is available on fittings in sizes 12-54 mm.

Press tools
SudoPress fittings in sizes 12-54 mm are equipped with V-profile press connections. These should therefore be verpresst V-profile jaws and slings. In the larger sizes (from 66.7 to 108 mm) the M-profile is applied. For the pressing of these fittings slings with M-profile are required.

SudoPress fittings can be pressed using suitable press tools from our product range or tools that are approved by VSH.
Quality and availability
All SudoPress fittings are manufactured in our modern, automated factory in Hilversum, the Netherlands. During the production we apply strict quality control. All products undergo a thorough testing procedure. The complete SudoPress product range is available from our trusted network of skilled, service-oriented wholesalers.
THE PLUS OF SudoPress:
ease of installation, time saving and safety are paramount
Double safety by Visu-Control® ring and Leak Before Pressed function
Easy to use, fast connection technology
Complete piping system (Carbon, Stainless and Copper)
Fittings and tubing from 12 to 54 mm
Convenient, matching press tools

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