Absolute top-quality solutions characterize the shipbuilding and offshore industry. This is certainly the case for the installed tube systems, irrespective of whether they are for new-build, refit or repair of a ship or platform.

SudoPress offers the required quality, with extremely reliable connections. This is proven by the approval available for shipbuilding applications from Bureau Veritas. 

The system is also light, compact and quick to install, without the need to weld or take exceptional safety measures. This means that the crew can design efficiently and build and repair cleanly and safely.

SudoPress advantage: major time saving
With SudoPress you are able to create a reliable press connection in just a few seconds: cut the tube to the required length, inspect the O-ring, remove burrs, position the fitting and make the connection using the press machine. This very simple way of working saves you a great deal of expensive hours compared to traditional assembly techniques, such as welding.

SudoPress advantage: low weight
SudoPress tubes and fittings bring great advantages when looking at the total weight of the piping system. Savings in weight up to 60% can be achieved when comparing to traditional metal piping systems. Less weight in material means more weight for transport of people or goods.

SudoPress advantage: compact installations
With SudoPress it's possible to build extreme compact installations. The slender design of the fittings, the short radius bend and wide range of available reduction pieces allow the most complex and compact installations.

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