Each market requires specific solutions and customer approach. Therefore, we have identified the different market sectors in which certain SudoPress fittings are the solution to your plumbing system. To meet the needs of each market, you can choose from a range of solutions for your market.

In one segment approvals are the main aspect, in another comprehensive manuals intended for installers and in yet another the sustainability of the SudoPress system is most important. SudoPress meets all these different market demands.

The main market segment in which SudoPress is used is that of residential and commercial construction. Meanwhile SudoPress has claimed its place as connection technology instead of solutions such as welding, soldering, fitting and compression fittings, because of the time and thus cost savings that can be are achieved with pressing.
Applications range from heating and cooling, water and gas to solutions for compressed air. Depending on the size of the building smaller or larger sizes (in the range 12 to 108 mm) are chosen in the 3 kinds of material.

In the area of private and commercial building Aalberts Industries as a group is able to offer many different solutions, which include balancing valves (ballorex), boiler room technology (meibes), thermostatic valves (sensobycomap) and metal push fittings (tectite).

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