The high-quality products from the SudoPress range approved by Gastec and DVGW for a wide range of copper gas systems. The fittings are provided with a permanent yellow SudoPress designation, a yellow Visu-Control® ring and a yellow o-ring to indicate clearly the suitability for gas application.
Optimal safety and quality
The SudoPress components can be assembled without the use of a heat source. This reduces the risk of fire, which allows a reduced insurance fee.

Also, there is no risk of leakage of the highly accurate V-profile. The quality of the connection is achieved by use of the appropriate tool in combination with good workmanship of the installer. Together this guarantees optimal and constant quality of the connection.
SudoPress Copper GAS fittings with copper pipes in accordance with EN1057 R250 / R290.

  • O-rings: NBR (yellow)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Working pressure: max. 5 bar inside and outside

Application: inside (HTB 1 bar) or outside buildings (above ground 5 bar). Whether or not embedded in concrete within buildings, no additional protection is required against corrosion. Outside buildings, only aboveground allowed. Local regulations should always be observed.


The use of R220 is not approved for gas installations. For gas special tools must be used. Refer to the list of tools for the right combination of press machine, jaws and slings.

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